The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the truth: Testimonies from the Pro Football Camp

Friday, June 23rd, 2017 4:37 P.M. written by Ryan Taylor

         Over the years, Pro Football Camp has helped kids and parents make the most of their summer breaks, introducing the campers to NFL athletes, both active and retired. The campers not only learn fundamental football skills from the pros, they also learn, as Max Forthergill, a 9-year old camper from 2016 says, to have the “discipline and respect that leads to being a better player and person.”
         Each year, the survey responses from Pro Football Camp highlight an overwhelmingly positive experience, such as Melissa NowlinS, who says “Pro Football Camp was a wonderful experience for not only the kids, but the families cheering in the stands as well. It’s well-structured and we had such a good time. Definitely coming back next year!”

  Volunteers Play a Crucial Role in the Success of Pro Football Camp

Monday, June 19th, 2017 2:36 p.m.,  posted by Isaiah Yates

    Without the support of our volunteers, Pro Football Camp would not be able to make a lasting

impact on the children who come. Each year, dozens of volunteers from around Colorado Springs

offer up their time and energy to help the community and the young athletes at the camp. Every

year, Pro Football Camp returns volunteers from previous years, who enjoy seeing the impact

that the NFL athletes have on the kids and the community. One of our former volunteers, now the

Assistant Executive Director for Pro Football Camp, Sadie Martinez, says “Volunteering for the

camp is a community wide event that gives volunteers an opportunity to be a part of something

bigger than themselves and play a role in impacting numerous lives.”
        Pro Football Camp, a nonprofit organization, relies heavily on volunteers and sponsors to help fund scholarships, keep costs low, and help ensure that the camp is affordable for families each year.

        Volunteers, helping coaches and kids out however they can, are a key pillar in the success of Pro Football Camp. Volunteers are a diverse group: military volunteers from Peterson, Schriever, Cheyenne Mountain, and the Air Force Academy; and local high school and college students, parents of campers, coaches, and more, who understand the profound impact these NFL athletes can have on campers’ character.
        Ryan Taylor, a 2016 volunteer, says “It’s truly incredible, how much of an impact the pros, coaches, and volunteers can have on these kids. When you’re doing drill work with the NFL athletes and the next round of kids comes over, you can just see a fire in the kids’ eyes when they realize they get to learn from these NFL players. It’s such a rewarding feeling to realize that volunteering your time and your effort has helped to make a highlight in these kids’ lives and serve as an inspiration for the future. It’s a great opportunity to give back to the community, enjoying the sunshine and playing football with kids and NFL athletes for three days. I’d tell anyone looking for a great volunteer opportunity, and a great experience, to come to this camp!”

​The Drive: PFC Invites parents, campers, volunteers, and sponsors

Friday, July 7th, 2017 3:40 P.M. written by Ryan Taylor

         "Bring what you got.” One of the phrases that Pro Football Camp founder Teddi Domann breaks out most often. “Bring what you got” embodies a core ethos of Pro Football Camp. Whether it is volunteers bringing their time, talents, and energy for three days to help the camp, or sponsors making donations and hosting fundraisers to help fund scholarships for underserved campers, every contribution helps to make the Pro Football Camp a success each year.
       The work that interns, volunteers, and sponsors put into Pro Football Camp culminates in three sunny July days, helping give back to the community and serve the children attending camp. However, Pro Football Camp also benefits from pros bringing their experience and skills to coach the young athletes attending camp. The NFL athletes coaching at Pro Football Camp this year include two-time Super Bowl champion Greg Scruggs, center Brian Folkerts, lineman Drew Iddings, retired defensive backs Michael Lehan and Eric Warfield, and retired linebacker Anthony Trucks.
       For those looking for an opportunity to give back to their community this summer, Pro Football Camp offers a uniquely rewarding chance to do so! So “Bring what you got,” and help make Pro Football Camp a success this year from July 11th-13th​!

Choosing the Right Camp

Monday, June 19th, 2017 2:36 P.M. written by Ryan Taylor

Choosing the right youth football camp for your child may seem easy, but with the many available options, you may feel overwhelmed by       finding the right fit.  When you take into  consideration the various forms of youth football camps ranging from colleges, youth organizations,   churches, and  private companies, this decision isn't one taken lightly, and can have a monumental impact on the growth of your child. Pro Football Camp is not your typical sports camp. 

Presenting Sponsor:


Friday, May 18th, 2017 3:40 P.M. written by Ryan Taylor

        One of the Pro Football Camp’s most fundamental beliefs is that we are stronger together, with the support of not only our professional athletes, our campers, and their families, but also of the Colorado Springs community. PFC was founded as a community event. For PFC to operate, it requires volunteers from the community, donations for the scholarship program, and support from the business community.
        The Colorado Springs community has helped to support Pro Football Camp financially. Colorado Institute of Sports Medicine Physical Therapy provides significant financial support that enables the camp to be priced so competitively. Additionally, a number of businesses host fundraisers benefitting the PFC. Among these businesses are Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar and Grill, Marco’s Pizza, and Brass Tap—each of whom hosted a fundraiser in April. These fundraisers are helping to ensure Pro Football Camp’s scholarship program can give every kid—especially underserved kids who otherwise could not attend—who wants to attend camp the ability to do just that.
         In addition to the generous donations by local businesses, Pro Football Camp receives critical support from numerous volunteers who take their time over the three days of camp to help set up, run, and break down the camp each day. These volunteers arrive hours before camp starts each day, setting up Gatorade hydration stations, tents, cones for drills, and remain after the campers have finished getting everything packed up again. Our volunteers also serve as coaches who help make sure that every kid is getting one-on-one coaching and remaining active in between drill repetitions.

​        A final example is the assistance of School District 49, and Vista Ridge High School in particular, for the use of their athletic fields during the week of camp. The generous contributions of District 49 ensure that we are able to host our 300+ campers, athletes, and volunteers every year, as well as providing the tools necessary to keeping everyone hydrated with Gatorade, another PFC partner.

        No one entity alone could fully plan, fund, and execute the Pro Football Camp. We are very fortunate to have the support of hundreds of people from the Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Falcon, Pueblo, and Monument communities each lending their support to the PFC. When all of these disparate forces are brought together, it allows the Pro Football Camp to truly flourish and brighten the lives of every camper’s summer, as well as the lives of the individuals and companies who help put the PFC together.

Pro Football Camp Blog

2017 Pro Football Camp Blog Posts and Stories 

     In addition to the immediate joys of the camp, the long-term benefits and spirit of the camp are best illustrated in  parent Karen’s reflection, “Sign your child up because this camp not only teaches correct football skills, but also teaches great life lessons.  That no matter where they come from they should set their goals high and dream big because they can make it into the NFL too.” 

     Kids and parents always enjoy their time at Pro Football Camp, gaining the skills and character traits to follow their dreams, and this year promises more of the same! Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@ProFBallCamp), and look for us on Instagram (profbcamp). 

Paying it Forward: the Pros of PFC

Friday, June 30th, 2017 1:05 P.M. written by Isaiah Yates 
            The pros at Pro Football Camp every year are used to the spotlight. Their abilities and exploits on the football field have taken them to amazing places in their careers. However, there is a lot more to these men than just football. Many of our Pro Football Camp athletes have used the opportunities that the NFL gave them to pursue their dreams and make an impact on the lives of others.
           Greg Scruggs is a great example, making a name for himself on the football field as a defensive end and tight end for the New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, and Chicago Bears. Scruggs is also defining himself off-the-field as a man who is involved in community activities in Seattle as well as in his hometown of Cincinnati. An organization particularly close to Greg’s heart is Boys Hope Girls Hope, a program helping underprivileged children meet their full potential by providing value-centered, family-style homes and educational opportunities. Greg is a Boys Hope Girls Hope alum who came to BHGH as a 13-year-old. The program helped Greg become who he is today. Greg has remained close to Boys Hope Girls Hope and returns to Cincinnati frequently to mentor the children.

Pro Football Camp’s scholarships program helps impact campers’ lives

Friday, July 7th, 2017 3:40 P.M. written by Jarek Moreschini

         ​​Every year Pro Football camp makes a lasting impact on hundreds of kids from Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Over the course of the three-day camp, campers learn football and life skills, for both on- and off-the-field pursuits. This camp is unique because the participants will be working with real NFL athletes. The goal of the camp is not only to make the kids better all-around football players, but also to help make them better people off the field. The current and former NFL athletes will teach the kids proper techniques for every position so that they can become better, more versatile players. The NFL athletes will be reinforcing key life lessons that will help campers beyond football three times each day with “Off the Field with the Pros” sessions. Hearing real stories about real NFL athletes teaches campers lessons about integrity, courage, discipline, respect, and hard work. The kids are taught that even in the worst situations, hard work can ensure they become whatever they want. Pro Football Camp is more powerful than just football because it gives campers the tools to be successful outside of football—after all, the game is the easy part.
         Every year, Pro Football Camp looks for sponsors to support their scholarship program to help underserved kids attend camp who would not be able to do so otherwise.  Pro Football Camp wants to make a lasting impact on as many kids as possible with the scholarship program. By funding scholarships, sponsors are investing in the players and citizens of tomorrow.
          The NFL athletes at the Pro Football Camp have impacted more than 2,000 kids over the camp’s 11 years.  The following are testimonials from parents of Pro Football Camp participants throughout the years:
         "The camp was very positive, it reinforced everyday life ethics (work hard, do your best), and taught that you have to work toward what you want. The camp pushed the kids to their physical limits, thank you!! They are more aware of what they CAN do instead of what they THINK they cannot." - Darell & Davetta, Parent
          "It's fun. My son was so inspired by the coaches and the Pros. He woke me up early every morning eager to get to camp. It's like he was 'thirsty' for this kind of leadership in sports. He is a better athlete and most importantly a better person because of this camp." - Ceci Anderson, Parent
          “Sign your child up because this camp not only teaches correct football skills, but also teaches great life lessons. That no matter where they come from they should set their goals high and dream big because they can make it into the NFL too.” – Karen, parent
           Maverick Wilson is a great example of a scholarship recipient who benefitted greatly from Pro Football Camp. Maverick went to the camp for four straight years and eventually became a volunteer for Pro Football Camp. “Pro Football Camp has made an enormous impact on my life. It taught me all the fundamentals that I used on my high school football team. Pro Football Camp has also taught me the characteristic skills to be a successful team leader like integrity, respect and perseverance.” - Maverick Wilson
            For the past 11 years, the Pro Football Camp featuring NFL players has created an amazing, motivational experience for kids in the Colorado Springs area. If a parent is looking for a fun, inspirational camp that teaches the game of football as well as life lessons, this is the camp to be at!

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Football and Character-Life Lessons from the Pros

Monday, June 19th,  2017 2:36 P.M.​  written by Ryan Taylor

           On July 11-13, 2017, NFL athletes from teams across the league are rolling into town to help

coach the 12th Annual Pro Football Camp at Vista Ridge High School! For the past 11 years, the Pro

Football Camp featuring NFL players has created an amazing, motivational experience for kids in the

Colorado Springs area. More than 2,000 kids have learned not only football skills, but also developed

character traits from listening to NFL athletes coaching at the Pro Football Camp, who share their

stories of perseverance and overcoming challenges.
           There are numerous traits that make Pro Football Camp one of a kind. The 15:1 ratio of coaches

to participants helps your athlete to have uniquely individual and meaningful instruction and coaching

from drill to drill. Each day of camp also includes “Off the Field with the Pros” sessions three times

each camp day. These sessions allow the pros to tell their stories. Through these stories, current and

former NFL athletes exemplify and teach important character traits—courage, perseverance, and

dedication—and emphasize the importance of education and hard work in pursuit of one’s dreams.

Most importantly, though, our pros constantly work to help the kids think beyond the gridiron and

understand the ways that the lessons they learn from camp are applicable in everyday life.
          The stories and lessons that the NFL athletes share have had a strong impact on kids and parents

alike, with every parent who responded to an exit survey agreeing that one reason they chose Pro Football Camp over other youth camps was the emphasis placed on non-football aspects (i.e. character). The following testimonials, from the 2016 camp, highlight the overwhelmingly positive responses to this camp.

Karen, parent: “Sign your child up because this camp not only teaches correct football skills, but also teaches great life lessons.  That no matter where they come from they should set their goals high and dream big because they can make it into the NFL too.”
Max Forthergill, camper: “The Pros encourage and teach discipline and respect that leads to being a better player.”

Tabitha McKee, parent: “Well organized, lots of variety, kids definitely learn new skills, coaches make it fun for the kids. This camp is a great learning experience on many levels for the kids. They not only learn new football skills, they also learn about their own internal strengths. They build self-confidence as well as the importance of teamwork.

Carolyn Madrid, parent: “I have told all of my friends—my son learns more in this one week at Pro Football Camp than entire seasons. The breadth of skills is amazing and my son has so much fun working to improve himself. Love it!”

​Kids and parents always have a blast here at Pro Football Camp, learning and growing in exciting new ways, and this year promises more of the same!

Football + Character = Successful Football Player 

Monday, June 19th, 2017 2:36 P.M. written by Ryan Taylor
Pro Football Camp teaches not only football skills, but character skills as well. Each participant is introduced to every position and learns how to play each one, because no camper is certain what position he or she will play in the future. Football is a true team sport, and the better that you can understand the job of other teammates, the better you can do your own job.  The character portion of the camp is equally impactful.  Lessons are given straight from NFL pros, and former NFL pros about the character that it takes to succeed, e.g.  hard work, dedication, persistence, etc., just to name a few.  One of the main focus points of this camp is to teach important character points every day of the camp, with the “word of the day” that is given.  Some terms of focus are perseverance, integrity, respect, responsibility and more.  The character lessons as well as the football skill sessions will lead to your child becoming a better football player and a person of character both on and off-the-field.  

This camp is unique because it hosts a number of NFL athletes that serve as coaches for the kids and, best of all,  they lead “Off the Field” sessions teaching valuable lessons about the character it takes to be successful: perseverance, integrity, dedication and hard work, just to name a few.  In addition, kids get age appropriate training that will improve their football IQ, athleticism and fitness. Through this camp, kids receive important lessons on how to grow not only as an athlete, but as a person. This extremely unique camp is held in Colorado Springs and is truly a life-changing event!

​​         The NFL athletes attending the 2017 annual Pro Football Camp—tight end Greg Scruggs, lineman Drew Iddings, center Brian Folkerts, linebacker Dylan Cole, retired defensive backs Michael Lehan and Eric Warfield, and retired linebacker Anthony Trucks—all have great stories to share with the kids. These stories emphasize overcoming adversity and developing character traits such as perseverance, dedication, and integrity, among others.
         In teaching kids about these character traits and qualities, the pros hope to inspire campers and give them the mental tools and football skills necessary to succeed in football and life at the highest level. The Pro Football Camp emphasizes the importance of getting good grades and being a great student-athlete. In fact, retired cornerback Michael Lehan is the principal of Osseo Senior High School in Minnesota, and he talks straight to the kids about the importance of their schoolwork and character to succeed in football and in life.
          The pros love coaching and making impacts on campers’ lives every year and this year promises more of the same! 

​​Over the years, Pro Football Camp has helped kids and parents make the most of their summer breaks, introducing the campers to NFL athletes, both active and retired. When asked why he comes to the camp each year, two-time Super Bowl champion tight end Greg Scruggs says, “I look forward to making an impact on these kids’ lives because I know from personal experience that it really makes a difference. As a kid, I had a pro come and talk to me. He impacted my life so much that I wanted to make sure I came out here to do my part. I want to make an impression on their lives because I know how great a difference it makes.” This view is a common one among the NFL athletes who coach at Pro Football Camp, and helps explain why they come and donate their time to camp each year. 

What Draws NFL Pros to the Pro Football Camp each year? "The Kids."

Tuesday, June 26th, 2017 12:29 P.M. written by Ryan Taylor

​           Another inspiring story is Michael Lehan’s, a former cornerback for the Miami Dolphins. Lehan grew up a foster child and always knew that he wanted to be able to do something to give back to those kids growing up in foster care today. For the past decade, Michael has worked with the kids of Hope and Home, a foster care and adoption agency, as a role model and mentor to the youth.  Lehan did not stop there either, he knew he had a passion for working with young people and wanted to pursue a second career in education. Applying the same perseverance and dedication that made him successful on the field, on July 1, 2015 Michael Lehan was named principal of Osseo High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lehan uses his own personal experiences to relate to the kids in the classrooms and hallways of his school, and he is truly invested in his students.
          Pro Football Camp aims to teach campers valuable skills and lessons that can guide them to success not only on the football field but also in the other aspects of life. We strive towards the goal of creating good football players and better citizens. It is only fitting that the NFL athletes who come in as coaches are equally committed to this goal, embodying it in their personal lives as well. Lehan and Scruggs are just a few examples of how our pros are using their talents and good fortune to pay it forward to the next generation of potential pros. Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@ProFBallCamp), and look for us on Instagram (profbcamp)!